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The day before yesterday, on 20 November 2001, you spoke at the Schröder meeting, where behind large white desks, well arranged in martial rows, important people on cheap chairs, seized, took part in the monkey theatre of a self-help group of spiritually closed minds. A vast amount of neo-socialist banalities were created, which virtually flooded the huge congress hall. Besides the expression of hopes for an intact paradise, their main arguments and the corresponding contexts unfortunately did not seem sincere when presented in a pleasant dramaturgical way. I suspect that our socialists have definitely lost their economic orientation. Do you not think that faith research is a dead end? That is why I would like to ask you, Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom:

Hau duh ju duh, jangg männ? I have heard that you are close to our OMM ... m-pf'... sounds unbelievable. So let me tell you: we are not that close to our son. If you look at the political activities of the socialists, mental goosebumps become fashionable dress: too many announcements, too many promises and so on, but only a few facts, no jobs, no new children, only old peacemakers from 1968, which are absolutely harmless for policemen and other upright people. Instead, our "piehpl of poets and thinkers" likes the Ballermann. You know, that's the man on the famous Mediterranean island - that means a lot of fiesta with a lot of bick mäkk and hardly any meat on the bones for our economic teeth. History teaches us: Many years ago, long before Maggy Thatcher's time (I want my money bag), Britain sang "yeah-yeah-yeah", but today only the sound of "oh-yeah-me-nah" crosses the Channel.

Is it because of our new Gerhard, our new angel, our new Edmund and our new braggarts who want to shape the New Germany? Is it because of the new unlimited solidarity to catch criminals with soft words instead of strict rule of law? Is it because of our invention to avoid carbon dioxide with nuclear power stations? As far as the last question is concerned, we greatly appreciate your clear statements at the SPD meeting in Nuremberg on energy production and also on the need to work hard. Don't worry, our carpets are big enough so that freedom and other achievements of civil society, which you have addressed with the finest sensitivity and statesmanlike skill, can easily be swept under them, along with thousands of cattle, e.g. cows, bulls and horned oxen, if you like.

So, dear fellow European citizen: rest assured that our SPDs are delighted to hear warm words instead of hard facts. Herbert Wehner, whom you forgot to mention, used to say in his typical barking voice: "He (she?) would rather take a lukewarm bath ...".

Perhaps you know the saying "they never come back". But in your case it is a need to shout: "Come back whenever you want". Because in our future New (New (Old Germany)) your words should be supplemented, because otherwise we would miss your statements on some special topics

24/11/2001: It is good to take note of your speech yesterday in Birmingham on European issues. Quite honestly.

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